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Cain's Class

Dennis Cain
Avon-Lennox School
Available for Support: Mon. - Fri.
8 am - 4 pm

Mr. Cain can be reached by e-mail (click the Send e-mail button) or by phone.

Parents: Mr. Cain continues encourages you to continue to reach out to him with any concerns and/or needs. Mr. Cain will continue to support you according to what is in the best interest of your student, regardless of official office hours.




Parents the following are suggestions for your child during this time we are in our homes.

I hope your family is safe. 

I hope these ideas for the week will help you in keeping your child in a routine.


We are working on self-help independent skills.  These are important for


Week 1 and 2:

Establishing a routine or a schedule will help your child. I know it is hard but if you can keep a familiar routine in place for your son, he may not have behavior issues.


Morning and evening routines:

Establish a wake up time and a bedtime to keep them in a good sleep schedule. Have them follow a morning routine after waking up and an evening routine for bed.

Example: Morning routine

Brush teeth, wash up or bathe, apply deodorant, brush hair, shave, choose clothes for the day, make their bed, take their dirty clothes to the laundry room, and straighten their room.

Evening routine:

Wash up or shower, brush teeth, dress for bed, pick out clothes for the next day and take dirty clothes to the laundry.


Meal preparation:

Have your son help in the preparation of his breakfast, lunch, snack, or supper.  He can help in the preparation of a given meal.  Keep it simple; let him do what he can to be a part of the process.

Let your son set the table for a meal and clear the table when a meal is finished.

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